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Do you want to study in Canada the right way?

Find the right study program for you

Share the experience of someone who has guided hundreds of international students over 10 years in Canada.

How can we impact?

Take an important step in your future by studying in Canada

Neway offers a unique system that integrates hundreds of educational centers across Canada serving the most diverse areas of knowledge for international students.


Goal setting

We help you define what career needs might impact your future as a student in Canada.

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We will explore with you options for study programs according to your goals and capabilities.

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At this point, you may be surprised by the huge range of options that Canada offers to international students.


Action plan

We advise on your entire bureaucratic process in Canada, from registration to issuing visas and study permits.

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Meet some of our over 300 partners in Canada

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Prices and Conditions

How much do I need to invest?

Increase your chances of studying in Canada through a consistent project. 


Educational Consulting

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Our Advisors

Find a coach to call your own!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I ask during my consultation?

During the consultation, we will discuss your eligibility for study programs such as Languages, High Shcool or Colleges in Canada. We will determine the best strategy according to your profile and objectives, we will inform you what is necessary to increase your chances of success and also about any risks involved in your process.

After we refine your strategy, we will also explain how the application process works, what is expected in terms of processing time and what the costs involved are, as well as answering any questions you may have at the time of your inquiry, all within of the estimated time according to the query of your choice.

Am I entitled to discounts if I hire more than one service?

Yes, please check our combo package options with the commercial for additional discounts on career, education and immigration inquiries.

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Access our session right now  FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions.

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