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Contracting the Services

Questions about how to hire a service, prices and contractual conditions.

Online Scheduling

Questions about how to make an appointment online on our website.

After sales

Frequent questions that arise after contracting one of our services.

Contracting the Services

As an exception to the Educational Consultancy service, Neway you for ( Consultation APS INC ) only acts as a promoting and recruiting agency for its partners (Canadian educational institutions, immigration consultants, career consultants, insurance consultants , among others).

Definitely yes. We have been operating for many years as a recruiting agency for services related to Studies, Work and Immigration to Canada and all our partners have an excellent reputation in the market.

We also inform you that immigration services are carried out by the team of the Canadian Immigration Consultant Luz Helena Fernandez, which is accredited and regulated by the government of Canada (RCIC #: R509560) and also by the government of Quebec (Numéro d’inscription: 11559).

Learn a little more about our history by clicking here and be sure to check out our customer reviews by clicking here .

For services contracted through online scheduling or in our service store on the website, all payments must be processed exclusively through PayPal.

For services contracted directly through our commercial service (email, whatsapp or telephone), we accept the following payment methods:

  • TransferMate (aka “Pay to Study”, Payment Intermediary)
  • PayPal (Payment Intermediary)
  • Cash (Personally or through carriers)
  • Bank transfer
  • Interac (Electronic funds transfer for those who already have an account in Canada)

Note : All payments processed through payment intermediaries may have an increase referring to the financial intermediation fee. This percentage may vary from company to company and will be automatically added to our checkout for purchases made on the website or will be informed to the customer through our commercial department at the time of hiring.

Please note: all services are charged in Canadian dollars (CAD$).

Some electronic payment intermediation platforms may present the amount already converted into your local currency at the time of checkout.

Please be aware of exchange rates and taxes levied on your country’s payment (where applicable) if you are paying outside of Canada.

Depends on the service contracted. The Initial Assessment, for example, cannot be divided into installments and must be paid in full at the time of contracting. Other services have the possibility of payment in installments and you will be informed by the commercial sector.

Yes, all our services (even those contracted online) are governed by a service provision contract with legal guarantees that protect the rights of both parties, even if the service provider resides outside Canada.

Online Scheduling

We created this possibility with the aim of facilitating the consultation scheduling process with our agents and partners without the need for direct contact with our commercial department.

In this way, you can choose the date, time, the consultant and even the payment method on our self-service panel, streamlining and simplifying the process.

For online scheduling, the payment method available is through Paypal.

Yea! Through the Paypal platform, transactions are carried out with complete security and secrecy. We will not have access to any of your credit card details. To learn more about Paypal’s security policies, visit this website:

We do not operate directly by receiving your payment. Everything is processed through financial intermediaries with complete security and transparency.

Rest assured, we do not capture or maintain your card data for any purpose on our website. The only information we keep in our system refers to your contact and scheduling.

For more information on this topic see ourPrivacy Policy.

After sales

After making the online appointment, you will receive an email with instructions for the day of the consultation and with the contact forms in case you have any questions.

If you don’t receive it, it’s important to check if the email went to your SPAM box.

Yes, it is possible to cancel the online consultation appointment, as long as you contact our commercial within 72 hours before the scheduled time.

Yes, as long as you cancel up to 48 hours before the scheduled time.

The success of your project, be it to study, work or immigrate to Canada depends on your profile and the execution of the stages of your process.

Immigration Profile Assessment, Career or Academic Coaching and Visa Issuing services cannot alone guarantee that your application will be successful and accepted by competent Canadian immigration companies or bodies.

It is important to understand that the candidate profile comprises a set of factors such as: 

  • Age and family constitution
  • Language proficiency (English or French)
  • Education level (technical or academic)  
  • Professional experience
  • Financial capacity to fund the project in question

If your project requires that such requirements (not necessarily all of them at the same time) be met, for the granting of a visa or a job offer for example, it is the applicant’s responsibility to meet these requirements.

Our role as a consultant is to carefully examine the candidate’s profile and draw up a consistent action plan based on the extensive market experience of our consultants.  

It is important to emphasize that we have no control over the decisions of immigration officers, in the role of consultant, they will be responsible for acting as a defender of their interests. Likewise, we also have no control over the selection processes in the companies, universities and other institutions involved.

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