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Canada’s universal public health system may have influenced its decision to immigrate to Canada, but while the benefits of this system are a major draw to immigrants, it may come as a surprise that newcomers are not immediately eligible for coverage.

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Frequently Asked Questions​

Yes, health insurance is mandatory for international students and their dependents during the entire period of study in Québec. And for other visitors it is strongly recommended to have insurance, as the public health system is not accessible to tourists and the local government is not responsible for accidents and medical expenses of foreigners.( Click for official source)

*For students who will go to other provinces, each one has its own particularity regarding public health coverage or not.

A daily hospital stay can reach up to 4,000 dollars and a trip to the emergency room is around 1,000 dollars, so to prevent it, it is recommended that you have health insurance to avoid unforeseen events.

A broken leg can cost you up to CAD$40,000! (Attention! Values here may vary according to the destination city).
If you face the need for emergency medical care, you must go to a hospital or request an ambulance through the 911 number (which also charges for this).

In less critical situations, there is the possibility of resorting to “walk in clinics”, which serve patients daily with or without an appointment.

Yes, as long as the student is enrolled full-time (FULL TIME) in a school, university, language course or other educational establishment accredited by the Canadian government.

We have exclusive insurance for international students, with differentiated coverage of 5 million Canadian dollars and the best cost-benefit.

In many educational institutions, the presentation of an insurance policy valid for the semester is a necessary requirement for enrollment and renewal.

Yes, major Canadian insurers have family plans and they will all have the same coverage and student benefits.

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