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Hi I'm Lina Donnard

Professional and academic coach, residing in Canada since 2009, I have experience in 20 countries in the Americas and Europe. I trained in Canada and the United States and acted as a headhunter in an American multinational. 


Why choose my services?


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Professional Coaching

How it works?

Through service by video conference , we draw your profile and guide you through the following steps:




We analyze your academic and professional profile, as well as your career goals, to define the best plan for you.

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We recommend the possible paths for your area of expertise and, if necessary, carry out career reorientation.

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We prepare, with you, your resume, motivation letter, LinkedIn, strategy and other necessary aspects, whether in English or French, for your insertion in the Canadian labor market.



We accompany you in the process of seeking and creating professional opportunities, as well as in selection processes in Canada.

Prices and conditions

How much do I need to invest?

Increase your chances of working in Canada by enhancing your professional profile. Start a successful international career today.


Initial Consulting

Up to 60 minutes



Complete package

6 sessions of 1 hour each


Additional advantages

Access to our network of contacts

If we have a professional contact relevant to your profile, we can bridge the gap between you and a potential employer.

Market view and necessary credentials

Understand which areas are in demand and how to validate your professional credentials with Canadian trade associations.

Document Templates

You will receive the document templates in English and French.

custom plans

All services listed in the complete Professional Coaching package can be hired separately for $150 an hour.

What are you waiting for?

Canada needs a skilled workforce and you could be the next hired.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I ask during my consultation?

First, we define your professional profile, career goals and, if necessary, carry out a career reorientation. We explain the possible paths to enter the Canadian labor market in your area of knowledge, how the selection processes work in Canada and assess your level in the language, whether English or French.

We also suggest curriculum improvements to increase your chances of being hired and set a timetable with the action plan. If in the initial consultation we concluded that the client located outside Canada has a real chance of being hired through a “sponsorship”, then we suggest starting the process of “Professional Coaching”. And of course, you can ask anything you want related to the job market and life in Canada.

How can I pay for the service?

Please note, all services are billed in Canadian Dollars (CAD$). For customers who are not yet in Canada, we offer the option to pay via credit card, Paypal, Transfermate or bank transfer. For customers who are already in Canada, we also offer the option of payment via interac e-transfer, cash, check or bank deposit. If none of these methods work for you, please let us know and we may offer additional payment options based on your country of origin/residence.

Can I cancel my consultancy?

You can cancel or change your appointment within three business days of the date and time of your appointment by clicking on the link received in your confirmation email or by contacting us directly.

Am I entitled to discounts if I hire more than one service?

Yes, please check our combo package options with the commercial for additional discounts on career, education and immigration inquiries.

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Access our session right now  FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions.

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